“Mere Christianity” by C. S. Lewis

Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis is the classic every Christians should read (or reread if you already read it). It is richly theological but is written in a style that breezy and accessible. Lewis’ work was originally delivered in the early 1940s as a series of radio broadcasts to the people of war-torn England. The citizens of that courageous nation were greatly discouraged and disillusioned by the war and their isolation, yet these broadcasts brought hope as the message of the holiness of God and the preeminence of Christ was proclaimed.

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“You Are What You Love” by Jamie Smith

So many times, we think of the things we see, or hear, or watch having a such a formational effect in our lives and on our hearts. But we don’t necessarily think about the things that we do having the same effect. Jamie Smith has been writing a great deal over the past 10 years or so on the formational power of habit and he calls them “cultural liturgies.” Due to this pandemic, we do not have ability to engage in the central and most formational habit of our lives: gathering as the Body of Christ to Worship together on Sundays. It is my prayer that as you read this, you can examine the “cultural liturgies” in you lives with a critical eye and ask the question, “what do the habits of my life show about what I truly love.” Ultimately, may it help us to truly long for, most of all, to gather in His house to worship him!

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For Parents:

“The Gospel Comes with a House Key” by Rosaria Butterfield

Current events have created opportunities to think of new ways to be salt and light to others; however, we’ve always been called as Christians to display hospitality as a means to proclaim the gospel. May we use this time to be reminded of our calling to love others for His glory, both creatively during this time, and in meaningful ways even after this season passes.

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For High School/College Students:

“Confronting Christianity” by Rebecca McLaughlin

Confronting Christianity explores 12 relevant questions that keep many from considering faith in Christ. Author Rebecca McLaughlin argues that common objections like the reality of suffering, the complexity of sexuality, the desire for diversity, and the success of science (to name a few) can actually be signposts, pointing us to the truth of our faith and the good news of the gospel. Using research, personal stories, and biblical study, Confronting Christianity is a must-read for those struggling with common objectives held by peers or for those looking to grow and defend their faith amidst many objections.

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“Grace Based Parenting” by Tim Kimmel

Grace-Based Parenting is a favorite because it gives practical and encouraging help with parenting children the way we have been parented by our Heavenly Father. In addition to the how of parenting, Grace-Based Parenting reminds us of the theological “whys” of parenting, based on Scripture.

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“Tactics” by Gregory Koukl

This book dispels the notion one must become a philosophical genius to defend the faith.  Koukl wittily instructs the reader how to engage non-Christians through what he calls the “Ambassador Model.”  This approach centers on friendly curiosity rather than confrontation.  If you find yourself “on the fence” when sharing your faith this book will help.

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