Missions at Tampa Covenant Church: Our Vision and Mission Statement

God has been drawing the nations to Himself since creation and calls His followers to partner with Him in making obedient disciples and planting churches that thrive and multiply for His name sake. TCC is joining Him in this task because we desire to see Christ treasured in the hearts and modeled in the lives of all people. It is in this context that TCC holds to the following convictions:

  • We believe we are called to minister to both reached and unreached peoples. This ministry should include evangelizing, church-planting, teaching, discipling and assisting people in both of these groups.
  • We believe in God making all things new. His renewing work results in redemption of more than just the soul, encompassing all areas of life and culture. He calls his people to lay down their lives and to holistically follow Jesus.
  • We believe the church is missional and that, just as the gospel is needed and should be delivered to remote countries, it is also necessary in our homes and across the street.

A Mission Experience

A TCC missionary talks about her experience in this video.

International Missionaries Supported By TCC

Dawn Shoemaker

Having grown up the daughter of missionary parents in Haiti, Dawn Shoemaker has returned to Haiti as a member of Reciprocal Ministries International (RMI). The work of RMI places great emphasis on evangelism and church planting in unreached areas but also includes efforts in discipleship, social compassion, education, and community development. A unique aspect of RMI is its history of enabling churches in the USA to personally partner with them in the actual performance of various aspects of their work.

Website: actingonfaith.org

Ross and Aislinn Meyer

Tampa Covenant Church was the home church for Ross and Aislinn Meyer as they were growing up and, upon their graduation from Covenant College, the site of their wedding. Soon thereafter God called them to Bangladesh as missionaries where they worked for two years translating Biblical narratives into the vernacular tongue. More recently, they returned to the USA where Ross obtained his Master of Divinity degree from Reformed Theological Seminary. They are now working among a largely Bangladeshi population in London through the sending agency called ‘Serge.’

Website: serge.org

Steve and Christy Shepard

Church Planting International – The Amazon rain forest of eastern Peru and the Sierra Madre of western Mexico have been the major sites of activity for CPI, headed by Steve Shepard. Work in both nations has centered around several unreached native tribes and has specialized in the training of pastors and the construction of church buildings. As needs have arisen, additional compassion efforts have included shipments of food, arranging for medical and optical clinics, flood relief, and providing start-up funds for small businesses.

Mike and Becky Kuelker

As part of the International Association of Missions (IAM) since 1997, Mike and Becky Kuelker work among the Huichol Indians of west-central Mexico near the city of Tepic. The Huichol claim descent from the ancient Aztecs, still speak a variant of the Aztec language, engage in shaman-like worship practices, and for centuries have tended to isolate themselves from outside influences. In recent years a number of churches have sprung up and it is among these that the Kuelkers work, providing leadership training, leading Bible studies, and engaging in children’s ministries.

Richard and Robyn Crane

Richard Crane grew up as the son of missionaries in Chile and later, after studying at Covenant College and Covenant Seminary, he and his wife Robyn served under the Mission to the World (PCA) in Chile for 23 years. What has been most rewarding and exciting to them has been their leadership training in Cuba since 2003. The gospel in Cuba is spreading rapidly and the church is in great demand for providing trained leadership and healing of broken families. Between 2014 and 2019 a total of seventy-eight Christian family counselors have graduated from two-year programs that Richard had established. At present Richard and Robyn are in the process of creating a movement of counselor training at the local church level, as well as teaching a master´s degree course in Christian family counseling at a well-known seminary in Cuba. Richard and Robyn are part of the TCC family and live in Lutz, Fl

Liana Alleyne

Every Nation Ministries is part of a movement that seeks to honor God and advance His kingdom through church planting, campus ministry, and world missions. It is this mission agency through which Liana Alleyne, a native of west-central Florida and a graduate of FSU, works and has been called to the nation of Japan. She is currently based in Yokohama where she ministers to college students at three major universities.

OMF – Tai Dam

The Tai Dam (or Black Thai) are an unreached minority group in Southeast Asia with less than 0.1% Christians.  We partner with a family* who is working with the Tai Dam to see churches planted and to provide God’s Word to them in their heart language.  They are helping local Christians create and utilize an Oral Bible in their own language.  They are currently working on selection and translation of Bible stories, and training local Christians in evangelism and reproducible church planting.

* Names and individual details are not listed for security reasons due to their location. Please contact the church office for contact information.

Local Missions

Rachel Christofel

The Navigators college ministries are active on 160 campuses across the nation. We offer encouragement, support, and Life-to-Life™ discipleship on campus, sharing Jesus with about forty thousand students each year. Rachel Christofel serves as the Associate Campus Director at the University of South Florida, investing in and equipping students and staff to share the Gospel of Jesus on campus and grow in their faith. The Navigators at USF belief that these foundations will set them up to pursue Jesus for a lifetime and reach the nations for Him. Rachel also serves on the National Collegiate Leadership team and helps train staff nationally as part of the Cultural Development team, equipping staff to think with a kingdom mindset about God’s purpose for community made up of people from all ethnic backgrounds.

Joshua Haupt

By supporting the work of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, TCC has extended its missionary efforts to multiple college and university campuses throughout the Tampa Bay area. The work of this organization has provided Christian witness through Bible studies, retreats, lectures, and evangelistic outreach to the University of South Florida, University of Tampa, St. Petersburg College, and Hillsborough Community College.

Melody Hatcher

Melody Hatcher’s ministry call came from Acts 17:26-27. If Melody could do only one thing the rest of her life, it would be to love others. Serving full-time with NBS2GO (Neighbor Bible Study 2GO) a ministry of Cru she gets to go one step further: love the neighbors whom God has intentionally placed in her spheres of influence and lead others to do likewise. As a neighboring specialist, Melody loves leading a neighbor Bible study, prayer/dog walking her neighborhood, hosting Christmas and Easter outreaches, welcoming new neighbors with banana bread, and building relationships with over 100 of her 217 neighbors. As a social media team member, she generates new content that enables people around the world to love their neighbors well.

Website: NBS2GO.com

Compass Ministries

Back row (L-R): Spencer, Rebekah, Roni
Front row (L-R): Amanda, Cindy, Vivian

The lives of missionaries and their families bear a unique set of mental, emotional, and spiritual strains which can be felt both on assignment and upon return to the USA. Compass Ministries is a mission care service which provides the necessary support for missionaries and their families as they face such strains. This is accomplished through counseling, training, and retreat events in order to enhance missionary resilience and to strengthen their overall mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

New Hearts Outreach

New Hearts Outreach is a Tampa-based ministry dedicated to the healing of individuals struggling with various forms of sexual addiction, including pornography, prostitution, and homosexuality.  Methods used include one-on-one counseling, support group participation, and daily accountability – all on a background of didactic Bible-based teaching, prayer, and reliance on God’s grace for ultimate restoration of sexual and relational wholeness.

No More Foundation

The No More Foundation is a ministry dedicated to acts of mercy and justice in confronting the social ills of our day, both domestic and international.  Through the work of Jamie and Tammy Kent and their co-workers, the message of Christ is heralded to both doer and receiver, vowing that there will be No More . . . hunger, sex trafficking, homelessness, sickness, injustice . . .

Metropolitan Ministries

The stated mission of Metropolitan Ministries is to care for the homeless within our community through services that alleviate suffering, promote dignity, and instill self-sufficiency as an expression of the ongoing ministry of Jesus Christ.  Toward that end, this agency provides people in need with food, clothing, shelter, and other vital services.  Over the years, Tampa Covenant Church has assisted Metropolitan Ministries by providing regular monetary support and by donating food, clothing, medical supplies, and volunteer workers.

New Life Solutions

A ministry offering support to women, New Life Solutions provides a multi-faceted program of assistance to those facing life-changing decisions related to pregnancy.  The ministry is dedicated to providing factual information about pregnancy, thus empowering women to make healthy and informed decisions.  Services include pregnancy tests, health and safety checklists, ultra-sound examinations, life-affirming counseling, and pregnancy support groups.  Also included are programs for middle school and high school youth to promote healthy life styles, single parent residential services, and post-abortion grief recovery counseling.

US Institute Against Human Trafficking

The US Institute Against Human Trafficking is a nonprofit, faith-based organization anointed by God to fight against human trafficking with truth and integrity while showing love and integrity to all involved.  Its ultimate vision is to put a complete end to human trafficking in America. Efforts toward that end have included prevention, rescue of victims, combating demand, and providing safe refuge for the restoration of survivors.  To date, TCC has been involved by providing monetary support and helping to publicize needs and events. Future considerations include provision of volunteer services for a local safe house.