Our Worship

Our worship at Tampa Covenant Church is in so many ways utterly unique to TCC and in other ways incredibly similar to other Reformed churches.  It is unique because we utilize the visual arts, architecture, and music in innovative and intimate ways that spiritually form us in worship. We are similar to other Reformed settings in that we have four-fold worship, and use creeds, prayers, and other beautiful parts of the liturgy to enhance our telling of the Gospel Story in every service. We strive to be both innovative in our worship yet rooted in the history and depth of the historic church.

The music itself comes varies widely from contemporary music like The Brilliance and Hillsong United to re-tuned hymns, traditional and contemporary choral works, and even an occasional 9th century hymn. Our music is diverse, reflects our people, and we are truly not afraid to utilize anything that glorifies God.

Above all, our worship seeks to provide a space where our people can know and encounter the living God as we seek deeper unity with Christ together as a community that loves God and one another.

Worship Band

The worship band leads worship every Sunday morning and rehearses on the Tuesday night prior at 7:00pm and 8:30am on Sunday Mornings. The group has formed an incredible sense of camaraderie and creativity over the years and collectively shapes and arranges our congregational worship music making it unique to TCC. It is open to anyone with musical gifts (at least a junior in high school) willing to dedicate time to serve in our Church’s worship.

Chancel Choir

The choir consists of volunteer men and women ages 13-99 (100 is negotiable) whose skill levels vary from “no clue” to reading Vivaldi’s “Gloria” at sight.

Because we worship a creative God, the choir presents a balanced program of music that includes expressions from Bluegrass to Classical. Our choir enjoys being together in fellowship but takes seriously the preparation of music that serves the church and honors the Lord.

We rehearse on Sunday mornings from 8:30-9:45 and occasionally on Wednesday night from 7:30-8:45.

To use the words of the prominent composer Dan Forrest :

“Creating beauty are gifts from God. We will make the most beautiful music we can, not because music-making is our ultimate end but because we want to press our gifts to their maximum potential toward the true ultimate end: glorifying God.”

Media Ministry

We are looking for those who desire to serve in the projection and lighting aspects of our worship. This doesn’t mean you have to start out knowing anything about A/V. Volunteers are trained for any specific technological skill or knowledge required for the media responsibilities, so the only prerequisite to volunteering is a willingness to learn and comfort in handling and using technological devices and equipment.  We use both PCs and Macs as well and our main projection software is ProPresenter.

For more information contact Pastor Rich: rich@tampacovenant.org.

Worship Music