God has been drawing the nations to Himself since creation and calls His followers to partner with Him in making obedient disciples and planting churches that thrive and multiply for His name sake. TCC is joining Him in this task because we desire to see Christ treasured in the hearts and modeled in the lives of all people. It is in this context that TCC holds to the following convictions:
  • We believe we are called to minister to both reached and unreached peoples. This ministry should include evangelizing, church-planting, teaching, discipling and assisting people in both of these groups.
  • We believe in God making all things new. His renewing work results in redemption of more than just the soul, encompassing all areas of life and culture. He calls his people to lay down their lives and to holistically follow Jesus.
  • We believe the church is missional and that, just as the gospel is needed and should be delivered to remote countries, it is also necessary in our homes and across the street.

Local Missions:


No More Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and calling people to action to meet the tangible needs we see in the world around us. Visit fornomore.org to learn more about their upcoming Bangkok missions trip and how you can become involved in this ministry.


Alison and Joshua Haupt, Tampa, FL
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is a ministry to college campuses that seeks to establish and advance witnessing communities among students and faculty members. Beginning in Great Britain in the late nineteenth century, the work of InterVarsity came to the USA in the 1930’s and has since become a major
force for the Gospel in colleges and universities throughout the nation.

Within the Tampa Bay area, lnterVarsity has major ongoing activity at the main campus of USF in Tampa, USF St. Petersburg, University of Tampa, St. Petersburg College, and Hillsboroulh Community College. Ministry is carried out through small group Bible studies, large gatherings on campus, discipleship conferences, and leadership training seminars. Over the last few years, Tampa Covenant has been the site of a number of areawide student conferences and several Tampa Covenant members are part of the local InterVarsity advisory board. Please pray for Melyssa Cordero and Erica Baptiste [USF), Alison and Joshua Haupt (University of Tampa), Cassie Rodriguez and Brad Everett (USF St. Pete), Tomy Wilkerson (HCC), and Stacy Gaskins (Florida regional director).

Email contact: [email protected]


The Life Impact Center is a multifaceted ministry offering support to women during times of life-changing decisions related to pregnancy. The ministry is dedicated to providing factual information about pregnancy, thus empowering women to make healthy and informed decisions. Toward those ends the Life Impact Center provides pregnancy tests, health and safety checklists, ultra-sound services (where indicated), life-affirming counseling, medical referrals, and pregnancy support groups – all free of charge. Information related to childbirth, nutrition, breast feeding, child development, and parenting is also provided.

Additional components of this ministry include Teen Impact and The Woven Basket. Teen Impact is a program designed to promote healthy life styles and relationships among middle school and high school students by encouraging them to say ‘No’ to premarital sex, drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. An associated parents’ program equips parents to talk with their teens about these tough topics. The Woven Basket is a Christian adoption service which provides information and assistance to birth parents, children, and adoptive parents.

Tampa Covenant Church and many of its members individually have been and continue to be strong supporters of this ministry. Please pray for the work of the Life Impact Center and its director, Pat Layton.

Phone contact: (813) 931.1804


The mission of Metropolitan Ministries is to care for the homeless within our community (and those at risk of becoming homeless) through services that alleviate suffering, promote dignity, and instill self-sufficiency as an expression of the ongoing ministry of ]esus Christ. Toward that end, Metropolitan Ministry provides people in need with food, clothing, shelter, and other vital services. Additional programs include various forms of counseling and education such that struggling families and individuals are provided
with the means to establish the highest potential for self-sufficiency.

Over the years Tampa Covenant Church has provided clothing, health supplies, and food for the ministry and a number of TCC members have been active volunteer workers. The Metropolitan Ministry ‘barrel’ in the fellowship hall is maintained as an ongoing site for donation of nonperishable food. Please pray for the work of Metropolitan Ministries and consider being a volunteer and/ or donor.

Website : www.metromin.org.

International Missions:


Church Planting International is a nondenominational missionary organization dedicated to the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you.” (Matt. 28:19,20a) This Great Commission is the most important cause in the entire world, for it affects the eternal life or death of every human being. Because of our sinfulness, each person is separated from God and is under His righteous judgment. Only through our Savior, Jesus Christ, can anyone receive forgiveness of sin and acceptance by God. To be reconciled to God is mankind’s greatest need.

The mission of Church Planting International is to preach the Gospel, train leaders, and aid in the planting, strengthening, and multiplying of churches around the world. Our aim is not to entrench ourselves in the ministry, but rather to serve as catalysts and promoters of native ministries and churches. The role of CPI is to help mobilize laborers and resources and direct them to the areas of greatest need in the world.

For more information contact Steve Shepard at [email protected]


The Kuelkers are missionaries to Tepec, Mexico ministering to the Weuchol Indians. They currently are running three Bible schools for pastors and church workers. This ministry is very effective in reaching the people of western central Mexico. They have seen many to a relationship with Christ. Their work has dramatically changed the churches of the region who have come to rely upon the Kuelker’s for Bible training, spiritual guidance and administrative needs.

Mike and Becky take in ministry teams for week long ministry opportunities doing real missions work and not just a vacation to Mexico. Their ministry visitors do hands on labor and ministry to real people in need. If you would like to reach Mike and Becky you can write to them at [email protected]

OMF TAI DAM, Southeast Asia

The Tai Dam (or Black Thai) are an unreached minority group in Southeast Asia with less than 0.1% Christians. We partner with *a family who is working with the Tai Dam to see churches planted and to provide God’s Word to them in their heart language. They are helping local Christians create and utilize an Oral Bible in their own language. They are currently working on selection and translation of Bible stories, and training local Christians in evangelism and reproducible church planting.

*Names and individual details are not listed for security reasons due to their location. Please contact the church office for contact information.