Lenten Services

Lenten Services: We invite you, in the name of the Lord and His Church, to observe a holy Lent, by self-examination, penitence, prayer and sacrificial giving as we journey together through a Lenten series entitled, “The Rooster and Cross.” It is an image of Peter’s failure and Jesus Christ’s triumph. The Church is not just a community of people, but a story of sinners communing with their Savior despite their failure and because of His death on the cross. It reminds us of our failure to live rightly, and at the same time show us the only hope for our sinful hearts: the cross of Jesus Christ. The cross where the Church, the people of God, were redeemed as Jesus’ body was broken and blood was poured out.

Historically many Protestant churches in Europe placed a rooster atop their steeples to distinguish them from Catholic Churches. The rooster has been a Christian symbol since God used it to show the weakness of man with Peter and the triumph of Christ in the resurrection. Through the cross even the man who three times denied the Savior was forgiven, loved, restored and sent out to zealously live for the glory of God. If our faith is in Christ then we share in the story of Peter’s denial of Jesus. But we also share in Jesus’ restoration of Peter to Himself, and ultimately the church to Himself. There is hope in the Gospel for sinners everywhere. Our first Lenten service will be Wednesday, February 21st at 6:30 pm. Pioneer Club & Nursery will be available during each Lenten service.