TCC is blessed beyond measure with a number of talented visual artists that are regularly involved in the life of our church, and more specifically in our worship. We almost always are using some form of Visual art in our worship and you will encounter various mediums including, representational and abstract painting,  sculpture, wood block prints, textile art and installations. Our aim is to embrace the arts in worship in ways that enhance God’s story and glorify him through aesthetic beauty and the gifts that He has given to us, His people.

Below are a few of our liturgical art installations from past events in our church.

OPUS is an art exhibition, hosted by Tampa Covenant that engages the visual Art community and provides an amazing gallery experience for our neighborhood. The show is in its third year and features local artists from the greater West Florida area. It is free both to show in and free to attend. There is no cost to the artist, no gallery fee, and OPUS does not take a percentage of any sales of the art. This is a wonderful way to offer up our unique industrial-modern space to bless the arts community and our city with the creative.

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“Art reveals the power of the intuitive, capturing the reality hiding beneath the culture.”
― Makoto Fujimura, Silence and Beauty

Each year, our church hosts a series of concerts to the community of fantastic musical acts completely FREE to the public. Musical styles range from Folk, and Indie Rock to Jazz and Electronic.

The Sunshine Brass Band is Tampa Bay’s only British-style brass band. Led by conductor James Cheyne, this nationally award-winning band released its debut CD, Sunshine & Brass, in 2003 and Joy, a collection of holiday tunes in 2013.

The Sunshine Brass Band and Tampa Covenant Church have long enjoyed a great partnership of worship and great music and have enjoyed several collaborations between the band and the Tampa Covenant Chancel Choir. In 2015, the The Sunshine Brass Band was officially named Artist in Residence at Tampa Covenant Church and in order to officially expand the partnership of the two institutions while continuing to provide fantastic music for the greater Tampa Bay Community.